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TJ's Monthly Subscription Box - $25.00

We wanted to do something fun for those of you who get bored with the same toys and items all the time, so we put together monthly box. While some things stay the same, other items will vary and be a new experience for your chinchilla keeping him stimulated and satisfied.

The box will contain: These will always be included, but color and flavor will vary:
  • 5 Loofah bites
  • 1 vine ring
  • 1 Bamboo finger trap chew
  • 1 Lava bite
These items will always vary, amounts/sizes may vary, but value will never decrease.
  • 3 small hanging toys, or a small array of toss toys.
  • 1 to 3 treat samples. This would be a great way to try a new variety of treats with your pet.
  • 1 serving hay sample. It could be any hay I have in stock, or a sample of a new hay not yet advertised. This will vary from box to box, so you can always try something different.
  • 1/2lb dust sample, just enough for your chinchilla to roll around and test things out. This is great for owners who can't decide on a brand, you'll get a chance to see it work.
  • Between 5 & 10 assorted wood chews samples. Wood types/sizes/shapes will vary.
This subscription box is ONLY $25 (shipped) and will be sent to you monthly! THAT is a GREAT deal!. You will be notified when PP charges you, and we will be notified to ship a package out to you. You will be able to cancel your subscription at any time through PayPal. If you have any questions/concerns please send us an Email.

* The treat samples will never contain treats that are known to be unsafe for pregnant/nursing chinchillas, or treats known to be unsafe for animals on medication. We chose to exclude these for your pet's safety, because we can't know whose animals are and are not falling into this category.

Due to time constraints, we are requesting that all
orders be placed through the shopping cart only.
Thank you.

Carts are impossible to accurately code.
Extra shipping costs will be refunded back to you.