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Let's face it, chinchillas do not care what their bowls look like, but we do! Enjoy the colorful bowls below to help accessorise your pets cage.
Hanging Coconut Bowl - $3.75
Hanging coconut bowl is a fun dish to have and it can not be knocked over. Average sizes are between 3"- 4". Hardware is included. Due to placement of hardware, the shell will not be level when hung.
5" Ceramic Crock - $8.25
5" wide and 2" high. [dishes in picture are 3" high]. These crocks are heavy and good because your chinchilla can't knock this ceramic crock over.
3" Ceramic Crock - $4.95
3" wide and almost 1½" high. This would be a good size bowl for treats or pellets.
5" Aqua Wave and Rainbow Stripes Ceramic Dish - $6.00 each
5" wide / 1½" high. Both dishes have a nice variety of colors to match your cage decor. Inside the rainbow stripes bowl reads "feed me, empty dish", while the aqua wave dish has a colorful pawprint inside. Both dishes are heavy and should not be able to be tipped.
ethical ceramic food dish 5" White Paw prints and Black Paw prints Ceramc Dish - $6.00 each
5" wide / 1½" high. The white dish is fun with colorful paw prints, while the black dish has a nice contrast of gray and black paw prints. Both dishes are heavy and should not be able to be tipped.
Please Choose:
ethical ceramic food dish 5" Paw Print Ceramic Dish - $6.00 each
5" wide / 1½" high. Another adorable paw print dish with a yellow background with either red, black or blue paw prints. Dish is heavy and should not be able to be tipped.
Pls Choose
coop cup food dish 10 oz Coop Cup - $4.75 each
This stainless steel bowl attaches to wire cages so they can not be knocked over.
chinchilla lixit water bottle Lixit No Drip Water Bottle - $13.79/$16.00
We all know trying to find a water bottle that doesn't leak is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Well, you have found your needle. That's right, this Lixit [plastic] water bottle has the same great spout as the Water Buddy and works just as good, NO MORE LEAKS! Bottle is plastic.
Small - 10 oz - $13.79
Medium - 20 oz - $16.00
chinchilla lixit water bottle 8 oz Lixit Water Bottle - $6.95
Good water bottles are hard to find. This glass water bottle is among the favorites in the chinchilla community; it is one of the very few that do not leak.
chinchilla lixit water bottle Lixit Bottle Cleaner - $3.95
Clean water is very important for chinchillas, and a great way to keep those bottles clean is with a Lixit Bottle Brush. Handle is extra long and flexible for all size bottles. Use the large brush for bottles and the small brush for caps/tops.
super pet chin chiller Chin Chiller - $8.50
These are great to keep our little friends cool in the summer. You can even put them in the refrig and cool them down even more if it's an especially hot day. Please be careful with the hot temperatures and your chinchilla.
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